Yossi Schori - High End Retoucher

My name is Yossi Schori and retouching is my passion, profession and expertise.
I am a professional retoucher and Photoshop artist based in Israel, specializing in high end beauty & fashion retouching.
I have a solid background in visual arts: painting, drawing, sculpturing, photography, animation and video editing.
Computers & Accessories: iMac, MacBook Pro, Wacom Intuos Pro.
Software: Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One.
File transfer methods for large files: Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer, JumboMail.

My services include the following topics and skills, but not limited to:


Cleaning up a background and a seamless backdrop.
Removing distractions, dust and dirt spots from the background.

Skin Retouching

Improving skin texture and removing blemishes and other imperfections while preserving the skin details.
Retouching skin & texture with Frequency Separation in complex situations and if necessary.

Hair retouching

Removing stray hairs, flyaway hairs, removing other unwanted hair and large chunks of hair.
Grafting hair, drawing hair strands, correcting the color and luminosity of the hair, shaping the hair, adding shine and volume.

Dodge & Burn

Darkening and brightening.
Working with Local (corrective) and Global (contouring) D&B using non-destructive techniques.
Fixing a blotchy skin and uneven skin patches, evening out the skin tone, emphasizing the highlights and shadows of the image.

Color Corrections

Identifying and fixing problematic skin color and color shifts.
Evening out skin tone color and achieving a color uniformity and consistency.

Contrast and sharpness

Adding local and global contrast and sharpness, highlighting and enhancing texture details.


Delicate shaping with a liquify filter without destroying the anatomy and natural look.

Color Grade

Color grading the image.
Color toning.
Adjusting colors and luminosity, applying a color scheme to the image.
Experimental and artistic stage of photo retouching.

The high-end beauty retouching workflow demands more precision, time, patience and attention to details.
I work in stages in a non-destructive way, and without leaving a clear and visible trace of retouching.
Therefore, this type of work takes an average of 1-3 photos per day.
A large project or a large group of images can take a week depending on the amount of complexity and demands regarding the images.

So, do you like my retouching portfolio?
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Go to the contact page and send me a message with all your details.
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